Fortinet 1000BASE-T SFP (CAT5, 100m)

Product #: FG-TRAN-GC
Brand: Fortinet Compatible
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Fortinet 1000BASE-T SFP (CAT5, 100m)

  • Form Factor: SFP
  • Data Rate: 1.25Gbsp
  • Wavelength: No
  • Connector: RJ45
  • Cable Type: Copper
  • Reach Distance: 100m
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 70°C
  • Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM): Without
  • Applications: 1000BASE-T

Compatible Switches:

FortiGate 1240B Datasheet



FortiGate 3950B Datasheet

FortiGate-3950B (FG-3950B)

FortiGate-3950B-DC (FG-3950B-DC)

FMC-F20 FW module (FMC-F20)


FortiGate 600C Datasheet

FortiGate 600C (FG-600C)

FortiGate 600C-DC (FG-600C-DC)


FortiGate 800C Datasheet

FortiGate 800C (FG-800C)

FortiGate 800C-DC (FG-800C-DC)


FortiGate 1000C Datasheet



FortiGate 3240C Datasheet

FortiGate-3240C (FG-3240C)


FortiGate 3600C Datasheet

FortiGate 3600C (FG-3600C)

FortiGate 3600C-DC (FG-3600C-DC)


FortiGate 100D Series Datasheet

FortiGate 100D (FG-100D)

FortiGate 140D (FG-140D)

FortiGate 140D-POE (FG-140D-POE)


FortiGate 200D Series Datasheet

FortiGate 200D (FG-200D)

FortiGate 200D-POE (FG-200D-POE)

FortiGate 240D (FG-240D)

FortiGate 240D-POE (FG-240D-POE)

FortiGate 280D-POE (FG-280D-POE)


FortiGate 300D Datasheet

FortiGate 300D (FG-300D)


FortiGate 400D Datasheet

FortiGate 400D (FG-400D)


FortiGate 500D Datasheet

FortiGate 500D (FG-500D)


FortiGate 600D Datasheet

FortiGate 600D (FG-600D)


FortiGate 800D Datasheet

FortiGate 800D (FG-800D)


FortiGate 900D Datasheet

FortiGate 900D (FG-900D)


FortiGate 1000D Datasheet

FortiGate 1000D (FG-1000D)


FortiGate 1200D Datasheet

FortiGate 1200D (FG-1200D)


FortiGate 1500D Datasheet

FortiGate 1500D (FG-1500D)

FortiGate 1500D-DC (FG-1500D-DC)

FortiGate 1500DT (FG-1500DT)


FortiGate 3000D Datasheet

FortiGate 3000D (FG-3000D)

FortiGate 3000D-DC (FG-3000D-DC)


FortiGate 3100D Datasheet

FortiGate 3100D (FG-3100D)

FortiGate 3100D-DC (FG-3100D-DC)


FortiGate 3200D Datasheet

FortiGate 3200D (FG-3200D)

FortiGate 3200D-DC (FG-3200D-DC)


FortiGate 3700D Datasheet

FortiGate 3700D (FG-3700D)

FortiGate-3700D-NEBS (FG-3700D-NEBS)

FortiGate 3700D-DC (FG-3700D-DC)

FortiGate 3700D-DC-NEBS (FG-3700D-DC-NEBS)


FotiGate 3700DX Datasheet

FortiGate 3700DX (FG-3700DX)


FortiGate 3800D Series Datasheet

FortiGate 3800D (FG-3800D)

FortiGate 3800D-DC (FG-3800D-DC)

Security Blades

FortiGate 5001D (FG-5001D)

Networking Blades

FortiSwitch 5003B (FS-5003B)


FortiAnalyzer Datasheet

FortiAnalyzer 3500F (FAZ-3500F)


FortiSwitch Secure Access Series Datasheet

FortiSwitch 108D-POE (FS-108D-POE)

FortiSwitch 124D (FS-124D)

FortiSwitch 124D-POE (FS-124D-POE)

FortiSwitch 224D-POE (FS-224D-POE)

FortiSwitch 224D-FPOE (FS-224D-POE)

FortiSwitch 248D (FS-248D)

FortiSwitch 248D-POE (FS-248D-POE)

FortiSwitch 248D-FPOE (FS-248D-FPOE)


FortiWeb Application Firewall Datasheet

FortiWeb 400D (FWB-400D)

FortiWeb 600D (FWB-600D)

FortiWeb 1000D (FWB-1000D)

FortiWeb 2000E (FWB-2000E)

FortiWeb 3000E (FWB-3000E)

FortiWeb 3010E (FWB-3010E)

FortiWeb 4000E (FWB-4000E)


FortiWLC Wireless Controllers Datasheet

FortiWLC 500D Wireless Controller (FWC-500D)


FortiSwitch B and C-Series Datasheet

FortiSwitch 324B-POE (FS-324B-POE)

FortiSwitch 348B (FS-348B)


FortiSwitch Access Switches 80-POE, 124B-POE and 224B-POE Access Switches Datasheet

FortiSwitch 124B-POE (FS-124B-POE)

FortiSwitch 224B-POE (FS-224B-POE)


FortiSwitch 1024D, 1048D and 3032D Data Center Switches Datasheet

FortiSwitch 1024D (FS-1024D)

FortiSwitch 1048D (FS-1048D)


FortiSwitch D-Series Datasheet

FortiSwitch 108D-POE (FS-108D-POE)

FortiSwitch 124D (FS-124D)

FortiSwitch 124D-POE (FS-124D-POE)

FortiSwitch 224D-FPOE (FS-224D-FPOE)

FortiSwitch 224D-POE (FS-224D-POE)


FortiSwitch Rugged Datasheet

FortiSwitch Rugged 112D-POE (FSR-112D-POE)


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